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  • giugno 25, 2021

The number of active global email users today is close to 4.3 billion with approximately 300 billion emails being sent and received each day. Despite this impressive volume, B2B emailing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Never has it been more important therefore to have the right tools to create visually stunning and impactful email campaigns. Enter Mailing Pro.

Mailing Pro takes email marketing on the eVision B2B portal to an entirely new level. Never before have spare parts and service teams been provided with such a valuable tool to reach their customers.
An intuitive tool anyone can use
Mastering Mailing Pro requires no programming skills whatsoever. B2B administrators of all levels can count on a powerful yet intuitive interface with which to create graphically rich, high-quality email campaigns that customers are far more likely to read.
Simple drag and drop
Content blocks may be dragged onto the workspace to define the email’s layout: single column, double column, etc. Blocks may then be filled with content, such as logos, headers, text, images, action buttons, links and more. Blocks and content are easy to move around, modify and format. They may also be customised to add columns, change background colours or simply to add space between adjacent blocks. The toolbar menu changes contextually according to the type of content being edited.
Mobile ready
Mailing Pro emails are responsive and adapt to all screen sizes, making them perfect for both desktop and mobile devices (which is where 46% of all emails are read). Finally, mobile users will also enjoy email content precisely the way it was intended.
Mailing Pro is perfect for one-off emails but can also be used to create email templates. Templates may be generated for promotions, product introductions, news bulletins, and more. They consist of a pre-defined layout that requires only the addition of content and a little tweaking to suit the campaign. Templates drastically reduce the time required to create a new campaign and are a great way to ensure consistency across all email campaigns.
Top tip: Why not involve your marketing team in the template design process? Their creative talent will result in higher quality emails and ensure all current and future campaigns align with corporate communication guidelines.

The dashboard
B2B administrators are provided with a dashboard where all templates and email campaigns are intuitively stored and accessed. They may be opened, edited, scheduled for distribution or saved for future use. Emails and templates may be duplicated and repurposed to create new templates and inspiring new email campaigns.
Mailing lists
Although visually appealing emails are where it all starts, it’s equally important to ensure campaigns reach the right recipients. Mailing Pro provides numerous parameters through which targeted recipient lists may be created for each campaign, so emails will always reach the intended customers, and only those customers.

Mailing Pro allows administrators to prepare emails in advance and schedule delivery dates in accordance with campaign objectives and communication frequency.

Activate Mailing Pro on your portal
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Find out more
To download detailed, printable information on Mailing Pro click here.

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