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  • maggio 17, 2021

Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, eVision’s dedicated new app provides direct access to the B2B portal and enhanced full screen navigation, with no further need for the device's browser. At no extra cost this is a CANNOT MISS opportunity for all licensed eVision customers.

Full-screen viewing
The app interface is optimised to provide a full-screen viewing experience with no precious space lost to unnecessary browser menus and input bars. The available viewing area has been increased by approximately 10%.

Smartphone multitasking
The smartphone’s browser is no longer required to access the portal and may now be used to navigate the internet freely without users having to log-in each time they return to the portal. Unless shut down, the eVision app will remain open in the background so users can return to it anytime and pick up exactly where they left off.

Push notifications
eVision’s app supports push notifications on mobile devices (Android only, for now).
This powerful feature provides portal administrators will a highly effective tool through which to engage with their customers whenever required. In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient communication constitutes a competitive edge.

App installation & Updating
App installation on all devices could not be easier. No downloading is required from any of the respective app stores. By accessing the B2B portal log-in page via a compatible browser a clickable install tab will be visible. After a few on-screen instructions the app will be installed, and its icon will appear on the device’s home page (or within the app draw). Once installed the app is always up to date with no additional downloads or updates required.

When will the app be available?
The app is available to all eVision customers now, however, installation links will only become visible on the portal following server activation by eVision. To request activation, click here now.
App customisation
The app is linked directly to the portal from which it is installed, and its icon will match the corporate logo of the associated portal.
End-users with access to multiple portals (different suppliers) will be required to install a separate app for each portal. Multiple installations will not affect device performance as the app occupies very little memory.
App compatibility
The eVision app is compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices as well as desktop computers running Windows 10 and Apple OSX. See the adjacent chart to determine which compatible web browsers may be used to install the app.

Find out more
Click here to download a detailed and printable version of the eVision app presentation and learn more about how to offer it to your customers.

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