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  • marzo 06, 2017

eVision’s latest module takes an additional step towards providing corporations with an intuitive and efficient one-stop environment for their customers.

In today’s fast paced business environment, corporations must find the swiftest and most efficient way to meet channel partner queries and demands without placing unnecessary strain on internal resources. Why encourage dealers and retail partners to phone-in every time they require a copy of a past invoice, when this information may be sourced and consulted faster and more effectively online?
eVision’s invoice repository is designed to host a definable range of customer invoices and provide an intuitive interface for searching and viewing.
Whilst indispensable invoice data is always visible at a glance, by clicking on any of the invoice fields a pdf copy of the original document may also be opened and downloaded with a simple click.
Fields displayed in the repository (such as order numbers), that are also present elsewhere in the B2B portal, are dynamically linked to each-other, enabling customers to jump between modules without losing context.
  • E.g. Whilst examining an invoice, a dealer may click on the order reference number, jump directly to the order history section and examine the detailed contents of that order.
Two equally effective back-office approaches may be chosen to connect the invoice repository to corporate business systems:
  1. real-time – via web services,
  2. offline - a scheduled export routine generates a text file from which the invoice repository imports data. Each subsequent export overwrites the previous text file, updating the repository.
All visible invoice data is customer specific and is protected by end-user login credentials.
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