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  • maggio 03, 2017

As a part of our App strategy, key eVision functionality is now available on mobile devices, enabling all members of the distribution chain to offer additional services and operate more effectively.


Product registration
Ensuring sold products are registered is undeniably important. Yet despite representing the most effective way of gathering invaluable end-user information, the registration process is often difficult to control and costly to manage:
  • sales registration forms are easily misplaced or incorrectly compiled,
  • online product registrations, albeit inexpensive for manufacturers, are only as effective as the customer's willingness to log-on and input the data.
With the eVision App, retailers may use their mobile device to scan a product’s series number as it’s being sold. All relevant product data and dealer information present in eVision’s database will then be auto-filled within the electronic form.
The registration process may then be completed and uploaded instantly by adding the remaining end-user information directly on the mobile device.
Even privacy obligations may be effectively met with an on-screen customer signature.

Workshop management
In the near future, the eVision App will enable service centres to manage and track the complete product repair process.
By scanning a registered product, its entire sales and service history will be displayed, including outstanding warranty cover, past repairs, parts previously used, prior warranty interventions, etc.
Furthermore, once the service process has been defined (eg: registration and assessment > repair quote approval > under repair > ready for pick-up), technicians may move a product from one stage of the process to the next with a simple snapshot of its series number. Labour, parts utilised and even repair photos will accompany the process and facilitate subsequent invoicing.
Thanks to mobile technology and a greater visibility of the repair process, service staff will be in a position to respond to customer enquiries, even when they’re off-site.
Automated email updates may also be sent to customers each time their product passes from one stage of the process to the next.
Even repair quotes may be managed, notified and approved directly within the App environment, reducing time-consuming phone follow-ups. 

Salesforce automation
The eVision App may also be used as an invaluable management tool for corporate sales staff. It may be used to place orders and access up-to-date dealer information, such as sales stats and financial reports.

Catalogue browsing & e-Commerce
Retailers may use the App as a sales aid on their shop floor by consulting product data and accessing invaluable sales information at a glance.
App based product and spare parts ordering, in addition to up-to-date stock information will offer retailers and servicing dealers 24/7 purchasing and e-commerce functionality directly from their phone, wherever they are.
A customisable platform designed for the future
The eVision App is available today for Android and iOS devices.
In addition to key functionality provided by eVision, the App presents corporations with a platform upon which to execute their continuously evolving mobile strategy, empowering retailers, service centres and sales personnel with the tools to succeed.

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