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  • novembre 04, 2015

eVision’s commitment to providing corporations with intuitive GEO relevant reports takes an important step forward.

Intuitive, relevant and easy to interpret business intelligence promotes effective corporate decision making.
eVision’s online B2B Administration module already provides a number of real-time user access and B2B traffic statistics allowing corporations to determine who, how often, where and when customers interact with their online portal.
Now, by harnessing a wealth of value-added data originating from (already present) everyday customer activity, in addition to data originating from corporate business systems, a new set of highly effective reports have been released.
These dynamic reports are all GEO sensitive providing management with extremely effective real-time, market relevant visual snapshots of the territories they're interested in.
GEO reports are now available to monitor:
  • Retail product registration,
  • Purchase orders (not only originating from portal activity),
  • Warranty activity.
Product family and client-type filters are also available, allowing for more effective data manipulation and subsequent interpretation.

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