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  • novembre 02, 2015

eVision continues to offer the best possible user experience with a much awaited interface overhaul, designed to be intuitive and to enhance productivity.

The back-office B2B Administration module plays a key role in giving corporations the freedom to continually adjust the way their customers interact with the portal.
Intuitive parameters make it easy to decide which price lists are accessible to any given customer, who sees which catalogues, for how long, in what currency and in which language. And that’s barely scratching the surface!
The B2B Administration module is also where marketing campaigns are developed, warranty procedures are defined and managed, catalogues are published, payment terms are set-up..…and so much more.
Unlike its competitors, eVision is committed to “untethering” corporations from expensive ongoing consulting fees by giving them the freedom to define and fine-tune their B2B environment autonomously, as and when they see fit.
And to harness the full potential of all this functionality an intuitive interface is required, which is why eVision has embraced Microsoft’s recently updated and widely adopted Windows 10 and Office 365 interface, thus ensuring rapid user adoption and a significantly reduced learning curve.
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