Structure Manager

a mediaCAT Foundation application module

Organising digital media assets

Structure Manager is a powerful editor used to organise digital documents and media assets according to a structured hierarchy. Whether browsing a Sales catalogues or a spare parts and service oriented catalogue, a logical, organised directory will enhance the browsing experience and ensure users find what they’re looking for with incredible ease.


Structure Manager’s logical hierarchy will ensure users enjoy an intuitive catalogue browsing experience.

The directory in the left column displays a product-range being edited in Structure Manager, with categories, sub-categories and final products arranged as a logical hierarchy. The centre column displays documents and resources associated with each of the categories or final products found in the hierarchy. By clicking on a document, its content is visible on the right.
In the adjacent example the document in question is an interactive spare parts drawing and both the illustration and associated parts list are visible.
Other document types and media files (pdf, html pages, audio, video, etc.) may also be imported and positioned logically within the structured directory.


Structure Manager also contains a built-in HTML editor, allowing custom web pages containing digital media assets to be created.

The logical hierarchy is once again visible in the left column, but instead of seeing a list of documents and resources associated with the highlighted category, a web page has been created instead, using Structure Manager's HTML editor. If required, this custom web page may contain images, resources and references already present in mediaCAT's database.
HTML Editor makes it possible to dramatically enhance the end-user browsing experience with visually rich, creative and intuitive catalogues.

Making the most of digital media management

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