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eVision mediaCAT Suite

eVision’s mediaCAT suite enables corporations to organise, consolidate and manage all product information and media in a single company library. Develope and publish interactive digital sales and technical catalogues with incredible ease and enjoy full B2B and e-Commerce functionality, along with a host of additional value-added tools. All mediaCAT modules work together seamlessly.

Digital Media asset managment and interactive catalogue publishing

At the heart of eVision’s software solutions mediaCAT Foundation provides a cohesive environment for consolidating, structuring and managing digital media assets (text, image, audio, video and more) in a single company library. From here developing interactive electronic catalogues for product sales and servicing functions is quick and intuitive. mediaCAT Foundation is structured as a series of application modules, each designed to provide task specific tools and functionality. Unicode compatibility means double-byte character sets for multi-lingual needs (Japanese, Cyrillic, Russian, etc) are supported. mediaCAT Foundation relies on a shared Microsoft SQL Server database and is multi-user, network ready.

File Manager

File Manager provides the database environment in which all digital media assets are organised.

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Structure Manager

Structure Manager is used to classify and arrange all catalogues, documentation and media according to a logical structured hierarchy.

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Hot-Spot Editor

Hot Spot Editor creates interactive links between images, reference numbers and their relative sku codes.

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mediaCAT Export CD/DVD

Just a few clicks are required to publish CD/DVD ready interactive catalogues, ideal for off-line viewing.

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mediaCAT Export WEB

Just a few clicks are required to create WEB ready interactive catalogues which are then published on our B2B Portal.

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mediaPDF Export

Create customised, professional print ready pdf Spare Parts & Technical Catalogues at the push of a button. Being template based they'll always be up-to-date and you'll save on countless hours of desktop publishing.

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eVision's professional B2B platform and catalogue hosting enviroment

eVision’s turn-key portal is where all catalogues created with mediaCAT Foundation are published and customer transactions are managed. B2B Portal is a complete and professional hosting environment with no limitations on space, traffic or bandwidth. The platform is highly adaptable to individual customer needs but is also “out of the box” ready, offers incredible functionality and integrates seamlessly with all other eVision products. B2B Portal connects to corporate business systems with ease via HTTP or Web Services.

Catalogue Hosting

Advanced e-Commerce

Multilanguage /

Document Repository

Single Sign-on

Sales Agent

B2B Marketing

B2C Marketing

Product Registration

Warranty Claim
& Management



Desktop and Database Catalogue Publishing

Create high quality exportable catalogues, manuals and technical documents with medaSTREAM. Design templates containing user defined layouts and publishing rules, then create links to text, images and resources present in mediaCAT Foundation’s database. With just a few clicks mediaSTREAM will then format and output complex technical and Sales catalogues to exacting standards, without wasting valuable time on page-by-page tweaking, normally associated with desktop publishing. mediaSTREAM integrates seamlessly with, and is the perfect complement to, eVision’s mediaCAT Suite.

Desktop & Database Publishing

mediaSTREAM combines the advantages of a powerful DTP solution with centralised access to mediaCAT Foundation’s structured database, where resources and product data are already present.

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Complex Documents

Focus on templates and move away from managing and maintaining a multitude of individual product documents. When you’re ready to publish, mediaSTREAM will do the work for you.

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Multilanguage documents

Produce identically formatted documents in different languages, or incorporate multiple languages in a single document. All with just one template.

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Dynamic Resource Management

Resources are accessed dynamically in mediaCAT Foundation’s database. Change a block of text stored in the database and all documents containing that text will be updated automatically.

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