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  • April 19, 2021

The eVision platform automatically generates a series of customer emails to confirm the successful completion of key transactions, such as order transmissions and warranty claim transmissions. Thanks to eVision’s latest email service enhancement portal administrators are now able to monitor the status of system-generated emails.

eVision’s system-generated emails benefit customers by providing up-to-date information on transactions.
However, until now, there were no tools available to portal administrators to track and verify the status of these emails.
Questions on who received the email and whether it was successfully delivered, have always remained unanswered.
Thanks to eVision’s new service, administrators will see an email icon alongside all key transactions. Clicking on the icon will open a pop-up window containing detailed email status information on the relevant transaction.
Email details
The status window lists the email recipients, whether the email has been successfully delivered, opened or bounced and even how many times it was viewed. The following details are provided:
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction reference number (e.g.: order n° or warranty claim n°)
  • Email recipient (there may be more than one for any given transaction).
Email status:
  • Delivered - The email has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
  • Deferred - The email is in standby reception and can be received later.
  • Opened - The recipient has opened the email. The indicator will track the number of times the email is viewed.
  • Hard Bounce - The recipient’s email address or server domain does not exist, or the email syntax is incorrect. Hard bounces are automatically blacklisted.
  • Soft Bounce - The server of the recipient is not available, or the recipient’s inbox is full.

Future enhancement
Click-through data will soon be available to provide even more value on email status. Should promotions, campaigns, or announcements containing links to external websites or landing pages be added to existing email templates (such as the adjacent warranty claim form), administrators will see whether recipients have also clicked on the embedded links.

On which transactions will email status information be provided?
All emails generated by purchase orders, warranty claims and warranty claims sent back to customers pending review will contain detailed status information.
Email status monitoring is already active on the eVision B2B platform.
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