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  • April 14, 2020

Whether it’s for maintenance, repairs or customer support, 3D parts images and assemblies provide users with an intuitive, easy to comprehend representation of reality through which they may improve their services and maximise customer loyalty.

3D technology and real-time 360° rotation help technicians visualise parts as they appear in reality. They also provide visual evidence of how components integrate within an assembly. These advantages lead to faster and more effective service repairs and a reduction in ordering and purchasing errors.

Thanks to eVision’s new 3D Authoring Module, rendered 3D images are easy to incorporate within a new or existing eVision catalogue, enabling users to freely rotate and manipulate components or assemblies and see how they work together.

Whether as a standalone item or as a component within an assembly, parts of interest may be identified with ease and isolated, providing users access to whatever additional related resources or information are available (price, availability, discount, dimensions, material, weight, etc). From within the 3D viewing environment, parts may be selected and added directly to a shopping cart.

Despite the indisputable benefits of 3D imagery, well designed, traditional 2D exploded views may still be a technician's preferred tool for selecting and ordering parts within certain assemblies. Users, therefore, will have the ability to switch intuitively between 2D and 3D viewing, purchase parts with ease in both environments, based on their needs.

3D images may be added to existing catalogues with no disruption to the already familiar eVision user experience and no browser plug-ins or additional software are required.
Thanks to support for 3D imagery it is now possible to build on the already excellent eVision interactive catalogue for an even more satisfying user experience, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and a reduction in the number of support inquiries.
3D integration for eVision’s interactive catalogues will be available in September 2019.

> For more information on eVision's new 3D Authoring Module, please contact us by clicking here.
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