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  • November 04, 2015

eVision takes an additional step towards helping users find the products and components they're looking for, even when the information they possess is incomplete or not altogether accurate.

Searching for the right product, component or spare part is often a time consuming challenge, especially when users are trawling through large catalogues without being entirely sure what it is they’re looking for.
eVision’s internal search engine was initially designed to facilitate this process by presenting users with multiple filter options, allowing them to narrow down searches to a concise short list.
Now, with the new and enhanced search functionality, finding exactly what they require will prove to be an even faster and more intuitive experience.
Every time a filter option is made it will influence the choices available in the remaining filters. This is the same logic applied to most online product configurators and intuitively guides users towards their final choice by eliminating incompatible choice combinations.
The number of filters that may be made available is unlimited and depends primarily on how many search relevant description fields are managed at source.
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