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  • September 03, 2015

eVision continues to add valuable functionality with a highly intuitive analysis module giving real-time territory based performance snapshots.

A wealth of customer data is stored within eVision's database (spare parts sales, warranty claims, product registration, etc.). Thanks to dynamic linking with corporate business systems this data may be significantly enhanced with additional customer related information (sales records, profiling information, product lines carried, etc.), thus constituting an invaluable database, ready for additional analysis.

eVision's GEO Mapping module enables this data to be interpreted visually on an interactive map consequently supplying corporations with a powerful and highly intuitive tool to support decision making. 
Thanks to customisable filters the data may be manipulated with ease allowing for endless visual reports, each supplying an effective performance snapshot of any given territory.
Here are just a few potential applications:

Filters: Product line - time period - product registration data - corporate sales data.
AnalysisMonitor the sell-in and sell-out effectiveness of a marketing campaign for any given product line in any given territory. The visual results may even be weighted for a more significant representation (based on results, placement pins will vary in colour or dimension).

FiltersSales agent - product line.
AnalysisMonitor sales agent product penetration in any given territory. A visual representation will give a quick indication of where to target sales efforts to ensure a more effective presence for all product lines.

FiltersWarranty claims - product line.
AnalysisQuickly pinpoint based product failure trends by territory, before they become severe.

Full Customisation
GEO Mapping is a highly flexible and customisable tool, designed to meet the specific analytical needs of individual corporations.
Future development
GEO Mapping will soon be made available to enhance eVision's Sales Agent module, thus allowing travelling sales staff to autonomously perform their own territory specific performance analysis.

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