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  • July 05, 2015

eVision's B2B platform now boasts an exciting new tool to help service networks proactively manage the entire service history of products sold, subsequent service intervals and warranty extension initiatives.

By using a product's series number, servicing dealers will be able to research and access the full service history, sales date and ownership information of any registered product present in eVision's database, regardless of where it was purchased.
Intuitive Timeline
An intuitive graphic timeline will show exactly when the standard warranty period expires, where the product sits in relation to the warranty period, what warranty extension programmes are available for upselling as well as the requirements that must be met to be eligible for warranty extension.
This valuable information will help servicing dealers plan their workshop activities more effectively, pre-empt end-user service requirements, proactively generate new service maintenance work and sell extended warranty packages more successfully.
By selecting any given product showing an upcoming service requirement, or simply by typing its series number, the following information will be displayed:
  • Product data: model, family, date sold, series number, etc.
  • Service timeline: showing the current warranty status of that machine, the days remaining before warranty expires and whatever additional warranty extensions are available for that product.
  • Full product service history record: including past warranty procedures in detail. New service interventions may be added and additional warranty requests may be made from within the module.
  • Owner information (which may be updated) along with the possibility to signal a stolen product.

Full Customisation
eVision's Service Interval & Warranty Management tool is fully customisable to fit the specific needs of any corporation.
Never before has it been so easy for manufacturers to offer tailored warranty extension packages based on product types, groups, families or even different end-user profiles, and also set the service interval requirements they must satisfy to be eligible.
  • For example: A company selling high-pressure washers with a standard 1 year initial warranty period may offer a 2 year warranty extension package for products being used professionally and a 5 year warranty extension package for the same product, if used domestically.
    To be eligible for a warranty extension package the product must be serviced regularly by an accredited service centre, in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, no later than 30 days following the expiration date of the standard warranty. Furthermore, following its first warranty extension, the domestically used product may be eligible for an additional 2 year extension package but only if the product was fully serviced at some point during the 1st warranty extension period.
eVision's Service Interval & Warranty Management tool takes care of the complexity these varying parameters pose, giving corporations the flexibility to launch new warranty programs, confident in their service network's ability to follow them with ease.
Easily Accessed Information
eVision's intuitive B2B interface now provides a constantly visible "general notices" icon. Clicking on it will show a summary of the retailer's sold products nearing their warranty expiration date or a recommended service event. By clicking on a product, its entire service history will be displayed.
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