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  • April 09, 2015

Empower your retail network by supplying them with simple, effective marketing tools to help grow their business.

Retail customers often lack the time and resources to create effective marketing campaigns. Furthermore, if left to their own devices, their individual efforts are unlikely to meet with corporate guidelines or provide a unified, cohesive message.
eVision's B2B Flyer module allows corporations to create a multitude of high quality corporate compliant flyer templates and publish them on their B2B portal for retail customers to subsequently access, customise and use.
Customising templates requires minimal effort as product photos, pricing and data fields are auto-filled from mediaCAT’s database and in no time a finished document will be ready to save, print, email or fax.
Once a marketing campaign has been launched, retailers can rely on a set of online tools to help keep track of and manage their initiatives.
Additional features in new version:
  • Retailers may create their own media library within eVision B2B, in which to store logos, images and text blocks. They may access these resources at any time for use in future flyers.
  • Within eVision's B2B platform, retailers may create numerous customised versions of any given template and store them for future use.
  • Retailers may also keep a history of the various flyers created over time. This will enable them to track their marketing initiatives and recall previous templates should they decide to replicate parts of, or the entire layout.
eVision B2B's new storage capability for flyers will also prove extremely valuable to pro-active corporate sales personnel. Agents may now support their retail customers by creating marketing and promotional campaigns on their behalf. They may customise individual flyers for each of their customers and then store them in preparation for a synchronised launch.
This enables agents to preside more effectively over marketing campaigns, supply their customers with turn-key initiatives and ensure campaigns are coherent with corporate objectives.

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