Powerful Desktop & Database Publishing software for authoring, managing, and publishing complex catalogues, operator manuals and technical documentation at a significantly reduced cost.

Despite the clear advantages offered by eVision's interactive catalogue system, corporations will continue to produce printable catalogues and documents. mediaSTREAM is a powerful and innovative DTP solution designed to meet these demands through innovation, whilst saving on costs and valuable resources.


Operator manuals and technical catalogues are lengthy to produce and absorb significant corporate resources. They’re expensive to maintain and almost impossible to update on a regular basis.

  • Use mediaSTREAM to create catalogue templates and define publishing rules (page-breaks, column sizes, fonts, colours, languages, image resolution, etc) to reflect the required layout. However, instead of being pasted manually, text, images and data are sourced dynamically from mediaCAT Foundation’s database.
  • Update catalogues and documents with the push of a button. mediaSTREAM will include the latest version of whatever database resources are utilised, saving significant editing time.
  • mediaSTREAM’s bi-directional connectivity architecture allows data to be modified after the document has been produced and for these modifications to realign back in the database.


High quality images and product data are already present in mediaCAT Foundation’s database, where they’re utilised to publish interactive catalogues. mediaSTREAM shares the same database and resources.
If required, mediaSTREAM can also link to external sources for additional text content.

The shared, redundancy free database contains a single instance of the resources mediaSTREAM uses to create catalogues and documents (text files, image, audio, video, etc.). A change to a resource in the database propagates the same change automatically to all mediaSTREAM catalogues referencing that same resource.


Many corporate documents, such as operator manuals and service bulletins, share text and similar layouts. Instead of managing numerous versions of comparable documents, control just a few templates and let mediaSTREAM do the rest.

  • A Spare Parts & Technical Catalogues layout will often be identical across product groups. Once the formatting and layout rules have been defined, mediaSTREAM will source the relevant data from the shared mediaCAT Foundation database and publish individual catalogues for each product.
  • Certain paragraphs and chapters are frequently common across operator manuals. If changes need to be made to a shared block of text, every document will require updating. In mediaCAT Foundation database the updated text block is a common resource and is present just once. With a single click all related documents will update simultaneously.


Thanks to advanced formatting possibilities mediaSTREAM eliminates the need to adopt different layouts, or change a document's structure to accommodate varying language requirements.

With a single template it’s possible to produce documents in different languages, but also to incorporate multiple languages in a single document. During production, text resources will be drawn from mediaCAT Foundation’s database based on the language combinations required.
mediaSTREAM knows that a translated paragraph length will vary across languages and will adapt the text accordingly to ensure the document layout remains consistent for all languages.

mediaSTREAM is UNICODE compliant and supports Eastern European and Asian languages.

Document translation

mediaSTREAM provides support for document translators. Once the default language text has been completed, mediaSTREAM outputs it as a structured document, so translators know exactly where to input translated text blocks. mediaSTREAM will subsequently import, allocate and format the translated text according to the template rules. Translated text blocks are added to mediaCAT Foundation’s structured database as a resource for future use. Should an already translated text block be referenced in a future document, it will not be exported again for translation.

Making the most of digital media management

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