mediaPDF Export

a mediaCAT Foundation application module

Create professional print ready pdf Spare Parts & Technical Catalogues at the push of a button. Save on countless hours of desktop publishing.

Simply select the products and languages required and, with no more than just a few clicks, mediaPDF Export will dynamically create a high-res pdf Spare Parts & Technical Catalogues ready for sharing or printing.


Define custom templates to ensure catalogues produced with PDF Export will have the same layout as those previously created with traditional desktop publishing software.

The template

Layout, logo positioning, product images, product specifications, headers & footers, catalogue indices, etc are all defined in the template. When a new catalogue is required, select the products and languages to be included and leave the rest to PDF export.
  • Include product images and specifications
  • Add corporate logo
  • Summarise catalogue contents
  • Define headers & footers
mediaCAT Export PDF - Print template example

Dynamic database connectivity

mediaPDF Export creates press-ready pdf catalogues by sourcing data, images and resources from mediaCAT Foundation's database and dynamically linking them to the export template. A change to a resource in the database automatically propagates the same change to all catalogues referencing that resource. Once a catalogue has been created it may be saved as a project. Thanks to database connectivity, reprints will always be up-to-date, with no manual "touch-ups" required whatsoever.

total flexibility

With the adoption of eVision's digital catalogue solutions, demand for printed Spare Parts & Technical Cataloguess will diminish drastically. But for those situations when only a "hard copy" will do, PDF Export gives corporations the speed and flexibility to meet needs at a fraction of the cost.

  • Avoid costly printing and stocking of individual Spare Parts & Technical Cataloguess for your entire product portfolio by producing what you need, when you need it and then distributing digital copies.
  • Avoid inevitable catalogue obsolescence thanks to on-demand exports. Database linking will ensure that every time a parts catalogue is exported it will contain the latest up-to-date data.
  • If hard copies are required your pdf catalogues are professionally formatted and high quality print-press ready.

Making the most of digital media management

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