Hot Spot Editor

a mediaCAT Foundation application module

At the heart of eVision’s interactive Spare Parts & Technical Catalogues

Hot Spot Editor enables the creation of dynamic links between designated areas of an image and other resources present within, or external to mediaCAT Foundation’s database.


Hot Spot creation is simple and intuitive. Rectangles, circles, polygons and “wrap-around” tools are all available to enable click sensitive areas to be created. Once a hot spot has been defined it is dynamically linked to a resource.

A common use of Hot Spot Editor is to establish interactive links between parts drawing reference numbers and their associated parts list. If vector images are used (such as those created by CAD systems) Hot Spot Editor will recognise the reference numbers as characters, create hot spots around them and link them to the relative parts list automatically, saving valuable time.


When using vector images, the illustrated components themselves (not just the references numbers) may be turned into hot spots and linked to their relative parts lists and/or additional resources.

The highlighted component in the adjacent image is dynamically linked to its relative parts number, but also to a video, showing, for example, how it should be correctly installed and maintained.


Hot Spots enhance the catalogue browsing experience.

When browsing catalogues a floating menu will appear as the cursor approaches a hot spot. It is click enabled for additional actions (e.g.: add component to shopping cart) and may contain a wealth of static and dynamic information (price, availability, discount, cross referencing information, etc.). Clicking on the hot spot itself will trigger whatever dynamic links are present.

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