File Manager

a mediaCAT Foundation application module

Database digital media asset management

File Manager enables all product related digital media assets to be imported and organised in a redundancy free database, for subsequent publishing as: Sales catalogues, exploded views (Spare Parts & Technical Cataloguess), electric schemas, operator manuals, service bulletins, repair manuals, etc. All media formats are supported: text, spreadsheet, images, photographs, CAD drawings, Adobe PDF, audio, video, HTML and more.

eVision's chosen database is Microsoft SQL Server


File Manager effectively helps corporations create order out of chaos!

Multi-format files and media originating from various company divisions are imported, organised and stored in mediaCAT Foundation's database by File Manager, which then defines and manages the relations governing these resources.

Whether created by Marketing, Service, Engineering, Sales or IT, digital files and media are present and prevalent in all modern organisations. Every department produces and stores its own, often in directories unknown to other divisions. File Manager brings all these valuable assets together in a clear, cohesive environment and subsequently publishes them in organised catalogues where their full potential is realised.

mediaCAT and File Manager will quickly become the corporate go-to hub for all product related digital documentation and media.


File Manager stores digital media assets in a redundancy free state. It keeps track of all future changes made to resources, in addition to where they're cross referenced. A change to a resource will automatically propagate the same change to all documents and catalogues in which it is present.

Redundancy free state means that any given resource is present as a single instance and is never duplicated, no matter how many documents and catalogues it's referenced in.


File Manager allows digital assets to be organised in user-defined categories (product series, model groups, etc.) and by target languages and countries. Diligent asset management will facilitate subsequent catalogue production and ensure customers interact with catalogues precisely as intended.

e.g.: If in File Manager a service bulletin is defined as specific to a given nation, then only customers from that nation will have access to it when browsing the catalogue.


Resources may be added singularly or batch imported from external files, ERP applications or other business systems for greater efficiency and data consistency.

When creating a new Spare Parts & Technical Catalogues File Manager may be required to import and manage a significant volume of data. Guided batch import routines will save considerable time and limit human error.

Spare parts and product data may be enriched with information originating from numerous sources. Add photos, descriptive information, history of changes, etc.

Decide which application should be called upon for subsequent resource modifications: cad software for drawings, Photoshop for images, MS Word for documents, etc.

Whatever changes are made, File Manager always keeps track.

Making the most of digital media management

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