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Interactive web catalogues are hosted here and they integrate seamlessly with all our advanced e-Commerce functionality.

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Amazing software for your business

eVision's B2B portal is where digital mediaCAT catalogues are hosted and managed. It is also a powerful ready-to-go e-Commerce environment designed not only to manage shopping cart functionality, order acknowledgement, stock information, product registration and warranty claims but also to supply a full set of value-added features designed to empower your customers, improve their effectiveness and build loyalty.

Real time data integration

Our B2B environment integrates effortlessly with your corporate business systems.


Manage warranty claims, product registrations and your material returns process.


Host interactive sales and aftermarket catalogues with incredible ease.


Company news - Flyers - Marketing mailing - Promotions - End-user proposals - Templates for customer CRM initiatives.


Multiple shopping carts - Discount profiling - Payments - Order management - Stock availability - Multiple price lists.

Administration & Statistics

Flexible website management & configuration - Advanced customer profiling - Traffic monitoring - Robust, downloadable analytics.

Mobile ready

Our entire B2B platform and interactive catalogue environment is written in HTML5. This means it will appear on mobile devices exactly as intended, granting the same functionality and user experience enjoyed on a desktop.

Multilingual & Multicurrency user interface

Customers worldwide expect to conduct business in their native languages and local currencies. eVision B2B provides this functionality. This means a customer in the USA may choose an English user interface, access a catalogue in Spanish and generate an order in $. You set the rules. We already provide 9 user interface languages (more coming soon) and there are no limitations for document and catalogue content languages. Thanks to unicode compatibility, double-byte character sets for multi-lingual needs (Japanese, Cyrillic, Russian, etc) are supported.

Document repository

Use eVision’s B2B platform as a distribution medium for regular ongoing corporate business documents, allowing significant cost savings to be enjoyed. Invoices, credit notes, shipping documents, etc which are normally printed, handled manually and mailed to customers on a daily basis may now be automatically published and managed here.

Single sign-on

Your catalogues and B2B environment are hosted on eVision’s shared portal, but your customers will not feel the transition. If they’re already logged-on to your corporate web-site, eVision B2B will recognise their credentials and grant them access without requiring an additional password.

Sales Agent

Empower your sales agents by allowing them to access catalogues and manage transactions on behalf of their customers, either with their tablet or laptop. Receive real time orders from agents through eVision B2B, saving time and money. Order confirmations or pre-order proposals will be sent to customers electronically should they be required for internal approval. Geo locating and customer profile information (payment records, financial exposure, terms and conditions, discounts, etc) are also available to mobile users. Furthermore, Sales Agent adapts to territory changes or reassigned customers by ensuring your sales personnel always interacts with the right customers and relevant data.

Professional hosting

Your B2B platform is hosted by eVision in a highly professional shared cloud server environment, which guarantees unsurpassable business security and continuity. We cater for your current and future needs by posing no limits on space, traffic or bandwidth.

Back-office integration

Real time
We let our customers decide whether or not to connect eVision B2B directly to their corporate business systems via Web Services or HTTP, for real time data alignment. Real time connectivity will ensure inventory, pricing and order status are always viewed as current. Furthermore, customer specific pricing, discount structures, shipping costs, etc will also be drawn directly from corporate systems.

Data alignment may also be managed via programmed export files from corporate business systems, which are then read by eVision B2B. As customer orders are received, eVision B2B's internal counter adjusts stock availability accordingly. The next corporate data refresh will overwrite eVision's database and reset the counter.

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