B2B Portal

With Built in e-Commerce

Web catalogues are hosted on our B2B portal where they integrate seamlessly with all our advanced e-Commerce functionality.

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e-Commerce & so much more

Our B2B portal has advanced e-Commerce functionality built-in, so your customers will be generating orders, checking availability and tracking transactions in no time. A series of internet ready forms are provided to be used "as is" or modified to support individual needs. Unlike most B2B platforms we also provide a unique set of additional applications to provide you and your customers with service, sales and marketing tools to help maximise business opportunities.

24/7 Shopping cart & more

Customers can create and maintain as many shopping carts as they like before checking out. Thanks to eVision B2B’s integration with corporate business systems they can also monitor orders status, check backorders, receive automatic order progress updates and even track shipments with couriers. Customers can search, select and purchase products faster and whenever it suits them.

The intuitive shopping cart interface provides product previews, availability data, search functionality and so much more.

The intuitive shopping cart interface provides product previews, availability data, search functionality and so much more.

Floating Menus

For an even more intuitive e-Commerce experience contextual floating menus appear whenever the cursor approaches a hot-spot or product code. These menus contain static and dynamic information (pricing, availability, etc). Click on the floating menu to generate an order, obtain additional information or trigger a link.

mediaCAT - Per un’esperienza ancora più semplice ed intuitiva un menu compare automaticamente ogni volta che il puntatore si avvicina ad una referenza o ad un codice prodotto. Questi menu contengono informazioni statiche e dinamiche (prezzo, disponibilità, ecc). Basta cliccare sul menu per generare un ordine, ottenere ulteriori informazioni o aprire un link.

Off-line / on-line integration

Customers using CD/DVD based catalogues will enjoy a complete browsing experience, including shopping cart functionality, even if they're off-line. Subsequent internet connection will allow stored shopping carts to be uploaded to eVision's B2B portal where they may be modified and checked-out.

Internet connectivity is not required to navigate catalogues and generate orders.

Internet connectivity is not required to navigate catalogues and generate orders.

B2B - Going beyond e-Commerce

Our B2B portal goes beyond the realms of traditional e-Commerce functionality. We've built in a series of additional tools to help you support your customers and optimise your e-investment.

b2b marketing

Company News

Publish company news bulletins within your mediaCAT B2B catalogue, link them to specific folders or products and decide how long they stay active.


Implement promotions for goods, accessories and parts and decide how long they stay active. Configure them to be visible to all customers or exclusively to pre-defined groups. Decide whether promotions should be visualised as users logs-on, as specific products are browsed or in a designated part of your catalogue. Orders may be generated directly from the promotion page.

Marketing Mailing

Create appealing email-ready HTML formatted documents and email them to customers automatically (mass mailing). Filters are provided to help tailor distribution lists and ensure email campaigns only reach those customers you intended.

b2c marketing

Flyers & marketing

Empower your retail network with marketing tools to help grow their business.
eVision's B2B Flyer module allows you to create and store a multitude of high quality flyer templates for retail customers to access, customise and use, whilst staying coherent with your corporate guidelines.
Product photos, pricing and data fields are auto-filled from mediaCAT’s database and in no time a finished document will be ready to save, print, email or fax. Tools are provided to help retailers keep track of their marketing initiatives.

End-user proposals

Whether for a product or service repair quote, your dealers can now create their own professionally formatted proposals in just a question of minutes.
Once the right template has been chosen, photos and data are auto-filled from mediaCAT’s database and a pdf document is generated for printing or email distribution.

Dealer CRM

Data concerning registered sold machines is maintained in mediaCAT's database. Retailers can access this information and use it to produce follow-up emails and letters to their end-user customers. Dealer CRM may be used to support sales activities, promote service initiatives or to notify customers when it’s time to return a product for warranty purposes.
Retailers are also provided with a series of statistical reports to help monitor their progress.

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