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  • April 04, 2022

eVision is committed to developing tools that help servicing dealers do more, and faster. The latest enhancements to the eVision app provide a fast and efficient way to register retailed products and to initiate warranty claims from any smartphone, right on the shop floor.

Once a sales receipt has been printed and a product delivered, dealers are typically expected to register sales transactions online by adding product and end-user information.
Yet frequently they don’t have time, or immediate access to a computer, and are therefore obliged to gather registration data on a sheet of paper, only to input it once again online at a more suitable time.
This time-consuming process is often the reason dealers neglect the registration process altogether. Yet product registration is indispensable if manufacturers are to monitor retail activity, build a marketing database and ensure product-related service activities, such as safety recalls, are correctly targeted at (registered) customers who need them.

Product registration using the eVision app

The eVision app has been upgraded so products can be registered with ease, as they’re being sold.
Dealers may now reach for their smartphone, open the app, scroll to the product registration area and take a snapshot of the product’s identification plate or serial number from within the app. Thanks to AI the photographed data will be converted into alphanumerical characters and the form's registration fields will be auto-filled with relevant data.

Customer information may also be added to the registration form by selecting already registered customers from a drop-down menu or registering first-time buyers directly within the app.
Automated confirmation emails with opt-in, or double opt-in links may also be configured to fully comply with GDPR and privacy regulations.

If required by the manufacturer, dealers may also take a snapshot of the sales receipt, which too will be added to the registration form.

Thanks to the app, paper forms will become a burden of the past and sales registrations may be completed quickly and reliably with limited effort.

Warranty claims on the eVision app

The updated app provides similar advantages also to eVision’s warranty claim process.

Warranty claims may now be initiated directly from within the app by scrolling to the warranty area and taking a snapshot of the product’s identification plate or serial number.

If the product has already been registered its technical details and corresponding end-user information will be added to the claim automatically. If the product has not been registered, the registration process described above may be completed directly from within the app.

The app may also be used to take pictures of the product’s visible defects, which will also be added to the warranty claim.

Once a warranty claim has been initiated and saved it may be accessed and completed at any time from any connected device.

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