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  • April 12, 2017

eVision’s latest enhancement provides corporations with total control on how catalogue content is consumed by users, at the same time opening the innovative platform to exciting new opportunities.

Until now, the eVision portal has enabled corporations to publish any number of interactive catalogues and manage user accessibility, via profiling:
  • Customer A has access rights to catalogue X, but not to catalogue Y.
Profiling also ensures each user interacts with a specifically assigned price list, inherits the same terms and conditions present within corporate back-office business systems and is granted access to relevant online B2B modules.
Now, thanks to eVision's Advanced Catalogue Control, profiling takes an additional step forward. With just a few simple clicks it's now possible to define which document categories should, or should not, be visible to any specific customer, allowing corporations to protect sensitive data from unqualified users and offer a truly bespoke customer navigation experience:
  • Dealer A is granted full viewing rights to illustrated parts lists, service bulletins and technical documents, whereas dealer B has access to illustrated parts lists only.


There's no denying that empowered, modern consumers demand ever more access to previously restricted technical information.
Yet until now, granting consumers admittance to illustrated parts lists has also meant exposing them to a complete library of confidential technical documents, intended exclusively for approved retailers and servicing organisations.
With the introduction of Advanced Catalogue Control, this all changes. Consumers may now be granted safe and easy access to illustrated parts drawings and other disclosable documents, without having the rights to view service bulletins, workshop manuals, or any other document containing sensitive information.


Advanced Catalogue Control is available to all eVision customers as a standard enhancement, at no extra cost. It is managed within B2B Administration and is already active and available today.

> For more information on Advanced Catalogue Control and how to set-up end-user access to parts catalogues directly from your website, please contact eVision.
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