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  • marzo 31, 2015

Emak SpA, based in the heart of industrial Italy near Reggio Emilia, is a leading international player in the global outdoor power equipment industry (OPE), with an impressive 28 international affiliates in 14 countries and over 2500 dealers worldwide.

High quality OPE products are typically sold through an extensive network of servicing dealers whom , in turn, rely on international and regional distributors to provide aftermarket services. Products are mechanical by design, seasonal by application, service intensive and when they break, require immediate attention.
Meeting the service expectations of demanding customers, especially those using their equipment professionally, is critical to EMAK's success, albeit by no means a simple task.
Embracing the future
After many years providing distributors and dealers with paper based repair manuals, service bulletins, operator manuals and spare parts catalogues, EMAK decided to prepare for the future and embrace a modern, innovative digital approach to its service operating environment. EMAK's goal was to empower its stakeholders with a cohesive, interactive software system designed for fast and intuitive access to spare parts data and a wealth of sales and service related information.
A simple transition from paper to pdf was not the answer.
EMAK was also on a quest to streamline internal procedures, move away from a fax, email and phone based spare parts purchasing system and significantly reduce the time required to process and dispatch parts orders. They were effectively searching  for an interactive parts catalogue system with advanced e-Commerce functionality, seamless integration with corporate back-end business systems and the ability to adapt to the complexities of a global distribution network.
eVision solutions were ultimately chosen for their ability to exceed EMAK's core requirements and provide a host of value-added functionality designed to accommodate future needs.
Beyond B2B
Today EMAK not only manages spare parts catalogues, warranty procedures and purchase transactions for all brands with eVision's mediaCAT Suite and B2B Portal solutions but has also activated a series of additional eVision modules to support the sales and marketing efforts of its servicing dealers.
- Corporate flyer templates are published regularly by EMAK for dealers to adopt and customise with their own promotions or advertising messages.
- EMAK uses eVision's B2B environment to launch and manage its own dealer oriented promotions and marketing initiatives.  

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